Calculation Fields

Create dynamic forms that perform calculations in real-time, empowering you to automate complex calculations, generate dynamic scores, and deliver personalized, interactive experiences. Take your forms to the next level and unlock the true power of data-driven decision-making.

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How does Calculation Fields help?

Point values assigned to answer choices are automatically calculated, simplifying the scoring process for quizzes, assessments, and interactive forms.

Automated Score Calculation: Effortless Calculations

Easily assign point values to answer choices and let Formester handle the calculations automatically. Streamline the process of scoring quizzes, assessments, or any other interactive form that requires scoring.

As respondents interact with the form, calculations are performed instantly, providing instant feedback and dynamic scoring based on their inputs.

Real-Time Calculations: Deliver Instant Results

Perform calculations on-the-fly as respondents interact with your form. Enable instant feedback and dynamic scoring based on their inputs.

Calculation Fields are utilized with powerful conditional logic to perform dynamic calculations based on specific conditions.

Advanced Form Logic: Unlock Advanced Functionality

Utilize powerful conditional logic within Calculation Fields to perform dynamic calculations based on specific conditions. Customize the behaviour of your forms and create personalized experiences for your respondents.

Scores are automatically generated based on specific criteria, enabling assessment of performance, result evaluation, and personalized feedback.

Dynamic Score Generation: Create Interactive Forms

Automatically generate dynamic scores based on specific criteria, allowing you to assess performance, evaluate results, and provide personalized feedback.

Prices and totals are seamlessly calculated, ensuring accurate pricing information. Costs are dynamically adjusted based on selected options, creating optimized shopping baskets or order forms for hassle-free transactions.

Price Calculation: Hassle-Free Transactions

Seamlessly calculate prices and totals within your forms using Calculation Fields. Provide accurate pricing information, dynamically adjust costs based on selected options, and create optimized shopping baskets or order forms.

Calculated results, tailored recommendations, and dynamic content are displayed based on respondents' inputs, offering a personalized form experience.

Personalized Experiences: Offer Personalized Form Experience

Customize form interactions by displaying calculated results, tailored recommendations, or dynamic content based on respondents' inputs.

Unleash the Advantages of Calculation Fields

Efficiency, precision, and enhanced productivity at your fingertips

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Automated Calculation

The Calculation Field feature allows you to automate complex calculations, eliminating the need for manual calculations. This saves time and ensures accuracy.

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Real-Time Results

With real-time calculations, respondents can instantly see the results of their inputs. This provides immediate feedback and enhances the interactive experience.

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Advanced Form Logic

The Calculation Field feature enables you to apply advanced form logic, such as conditional calculations and dynamic field interactions. This flexibility allows you to create sophisticated and personalized form experiences.

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Streamlined Pricing and Data Handling

Calculation Fields simplify price calculations, making it easy to generate totals, discounts, or taxes. Additionally, the feature facilitates efficient data handling by automatically calculating and storing important metrics for analysis and reporting.

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At Rumie we use Formester to get feedback from our educators and volunteers. It's intuitive, fast and easy to share.
Bogdan Arsenie CTO
Formester is simple enough for non-developers and sophisticated enough for developers. I'd say being able to choose between simplicity and complexity is one of this product's strengths. In addition, the founder is available to answer questions and doubts, which does not happen every day.
Costanza Casullo Volunteer

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