9 Best Contact Form Templates to Collect Customer Information in 2024

January 2, 2024 |
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A lot of business owners tend to ignore the fact that in today’s fast evolving digital backdrop it is not sufficient to only have a contact form; more importance needs to be emphasised upon the design and user interface to optimise the experience for website users. The design, interface and placement of the form might seem like small elements but they can drastically affect the completion rate of forms.

No code form builders give you better control in terms of design and personalisation. Personalising the lead gen forms for your audience can optimise the user interaction for better conversions whether you have a Hubspot, Webflow or Wordpress hosted site. There are various tools with extensive libraries of professionally designed form templates that can make your web forms look more aesthetic.

But with so many options available, choosing the right template can be quite overwhelming. Don't worry, we've got you covered! We've compiled a list of the top 9 free contact form templates in 2024, categorised to fit your specific needs and target audience.

9 Best Contact Form Templates in 2024

1) Jewellery Service Contact Form Template – 123FormBuilder

This online jewellery store contact form is a practical template for jewellery businesses to communicate with their customers. The form is easy to use and can be filled out in a few minutes.

You can customise the form to add more fields for the customer's name, email address, phone number, and message. There is also a long answer field where the customer can describe the reason for their contact. This could be anything from a general inquiry to a request for a repair.

Once the form is submitted, it is sent to the jewellery store's email address. The store can then respond to the customer's request.

This contact form is a valuable tool for jewellery businesses. It allows them to easily and quickly communicate with their customers, which can help in improving customer satisfaction.

2) Newsletter Signup Form Template - Formsite

The template is designed to be integrated into a website to allow visitors to opt-in to a newsletter. The form is simple and straightforward, with only one required field for the user's email address. 

You can customise the form and add an optional checkbox for users to indicate if they would like to receive updates about new products or services. The call to action button is clear and concise, saying "Submit".

The template is easy to integrate with WordPress and other platforms, and it can be customised to match the look and feel of a website. The form is accessible on any device and it can send optional notifications for new sign-ups.

A basic and effective newsletter signup form template that is likely to be successful in converting website visitors into subscribers.

3) Online Emergency Contact Information Form – WufooForms

Online Emergency Contact Information Form is a valuable tool for schools, companies, and event coordinators. It can help you in staying prepared for unforeseen situations by efficiently collecting and organizing essential contact details.

Whether managing a group of minors, coordinating events, or overseeing a company, this user-friendly form ensures you have up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Gather critical data such as emergency contact names, addresses, phone numbers, and relationships, with an additional space for important notes on allergies and medical information.

4) Game Contact Form – Jotform

This game contact form template is designed to help game developers gather feedback and information from players. The form has only three fields i.e. Name, Email and Message.

You can further customise the form to also includes a checkbox for players to opt-in to receive updates from the game developer.

The template is easy to customize and can be integrated into a website or game. The form is mobile-friendly and can send email notifications for new submissions.

This is a well-designed game contact form template that is likely to be useful for game developers.

5) Callback Request Form Template – Typeform

This callback request form template allows customers to conveniently schedule a call with a business. The form allows customers to pick a preferred date and time, alongside a text box to note their reason for the call.

Businesses can customise the form with their branding and integrate it with their existing tools for streamlined callback scheduling and instant notifications.

This way, customers get a faster resolution to their queries, while the business stays organized and avoids missed requests.

Use this form on your website to accept customer callback requests effortlessly.

6) Consultation Form Template - Paperform

This form template from paperform can help you collect client consultation requests. It provides an efficient solution for client consultation requests with this customisable form template.

Users can initiate edits by clicking "Use this template" below. The form presents questions one at a time, a feature easily adjusted by removing page breaks. Try to maintain simplicity so it does not affect completion rates in a negative manner.

Schedule meeting with precision by linking Google Calendar, specifying availability, and tailoring meeting lengths—options ranging from 15 to 60 minutes—for a personalised consultation experience.

7) Guest List Form – Formester

Guest List Form is a tool used to collect essential information about attendees for an event or gathering. It helps event organisers keep track of guest details, manage RSVPs, and ensure a comfortable experience for all participants.

This Guest List Form Template by Formester is a useful tool to collect information about the people interested in attending an event, gathering or conference.

The collected information through guest list form can help you organise the event better and take care of all the guest requirements in advance.

8) Complaint Form Template – Formstack

This Customer Complaint Form Template includes sections for customer information, product or service details, a description of the complaint, and desired resolution. There is also a space for long answers, so customers can thoroughly explain their concerns.

The form makes it easy to collect and resolve customer complaints with this template. It also gives customers the opportunity to voice their grievances which can be a great way to identify ways to improve your business.

This contact form template is designed to help businesses collect customer feedback and resolve complaints in a way that is easy for both the customer and the business.

9) Request a Quote Form – Gravity Forms

This form template invites potential customers to provide their contact information and project specifics to receive a tailored price quote. It simplifies the process for both parties, offering convenience and efficacy.

Using this form template on your website can simplify lead generation by ensuring accurate pricing based on specific needs of the clients. It leads to an optimised sales process.

We have provided you with some of the best Contact Form Templates that can be added to your website to improve user experience and optimise data collection. If you found any of these templates useful for your business, let us know in the comments.

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