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Tired of Google Forms's bland interface and lack of templates? Formester is here to unleash your inner form-building genius! Craft stunning, on-brand forms that capture attention, collect data, process orders and automate tasks like a pro. No coding required thanks to our Drag and Drop Interface!

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Formester vs Google Forms

Formester is an online form builder that can be used to build Forms, Surveys, Quizzes and Polls. It is a no-code tool with robust data analytics and personalisation features. Formester has AI powered Spam Protection along with multiple integrations to automate workflow.

Google Forms is a free web form builder. It can be used to create basic surveys and questionnaires with ease, suitable for casual gatherings and simple data collection. Google forms is a vastly popular tool but has limited design options, integrations and functionality.

Feature Comparision

Let’s have a look at the detailed feature comparison between Formester and Google Forms to help you pick the right option based on your form building needs.

Features Fomester Google Form
HTML Form Backend Service
Professional Deisgned Templates 100+ 15
Online Order and Payment Processing
Form Design and Customization Customisation capability with complete control over the look, feel, background buttons, question types and font etc. Limited cutomisation ability to only add/change header image.
File Upload Restricted
White Labeling
Conditional Logic
Conditional Responder
Mobile Optimised Forms
Reporting and Analytics Advanced Analytics with Actionable Insights Basic
Available Offline
E-Signature Support

Why prefer Formester over Google Forms?

Although Google forms is a free and popular tool for form building, it is more suitable for students, small surveys or personal use. The design and personalization options are very limited with only a handful of templates available in their library.

Formester on the other hand, offers advanced form building features like Conditional Logic, Workflow Automation, HTML Form Backend and Payment Processing. Formester is the ideal choice for businesses and individuals that require professional looking online forms with advanced features.

Formester form building with drag and drop interface

5 Advantages of Formester over Google Forms


Payment Processing

Collect online orders and accept payments securely.


Robust Analytics

Comprehensive analytics and reporting with actionable insights.

Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic and auto-responder for personalised user experience.

AI Spam Protection

AI Spam Protection

Adaptive AI powered Spam Protection for secure online forms.


Multiple Integration

Automate your workflow with integrations like Notion, Stripe, Slack etc.


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I'm migrating my forms from Paperform, where I've been a user for over 4 years. Loving the software so far! I've already replaced Paperform form embeds & popups on my sites & my husband's websites with Formester forms
Dr. Michele Ross Founder
Formester is really easy to use and an exceptional alternative for Typeform. We use it for call for papers, lead registrations, feedback and surveys and it cannot be simpler.
Jilson Organiser

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