Formester and WordPress Integration

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Formester Forms in WordPress

Use Formester’s versatile template library to add any form to your WordPress blog or site. Use our WordPress plugin to embed a Contact Form, Feedback Form or Lead Generation Form in the WordPress site and automate data collection.

Create a new form on Formester or customise any of our pre-designed templates using the intuitive drag and drop form builder. Our WordPress plugin enables you to easily add the web form to a WordPress powered website without any need of coding skills or database backend.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a widely used CMS that allows people to build, host and manage websites or blogs. WordPress users can manage their website content and integrate WordPress with other tools or applications to streamline their workflow. All websites often need a contact, survey or feedback form to collect important information.

Integrating Formester forms with WordPress enables the users to interact with your website, upload media, submit feedback or provide personal details through contact form.

Steps to Embed a Formester Form

ui to create new form and few graphics showing ready made templates
Step 1

Install Formester Plugin

Visit or to install the Formester plugin. Log in to your WordPress account and activate the plugin after installation.

ui to enable the allow form to work offline
Step 2

Add Formester Block in WordPress

Locate and select the Formester Block in your WordPress editor. Click on it to launch the plugin and easily integrate a Formester form into your page.

mockup ui of submission page with a internet not available symbol
Step 3

Embed Formester Form in Wordpress

You can also embed a form by pasting your form's shared URL into WordPress editor. Ensure that your contact form is published before embedding in the WordPress site.

Features of Formester

Conditional Logic

Collect accurate data by allowing users to answer only the most relevant questions.

Spam Protection

Use one click Re-Captcha or custom Re-Captcha along with other security features to prevent spam.

Powerful Analytics

Get actionable insights to make data-driven decisions based upon the inputs of the users.

Digital Signature

Allow users to add e-sign to your online form easily using formester to add an extra layer of security.

Auto Responder

Send personalised replies to the users automatically once they submit the online form.

Multi User Collaboration

Add you team members as collaborator to the form which allows them to make changes simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Integrating Formester forms with WordPress is quick and easy. Use our WordPress plugin to embed a Contact Form, Feedback Form, or Lead Generation Form on your WordPress site without any coding skills. Simply create a new form on Formester or customize a pre-designed template using the intuitive drag and drop form builder.

Formester offers a versatile template library, allowing you to add various forms like Contact Forms, Feedback Forms, or Lead Generation Forms to your WordPress blog or site. Choose from our pre-designed templates and customize them to suit your needs.

Integrating Formester forms with WordPress enhances user interaction on your website. Users can upload media, submit feedback, or provide personal details through contact forms. This integration streamlines data collection and improves user engagement.

WordPress users can leverage Formester to streamline their workflow by managing website content effectively and integrating powerful forms seamlessly. Collecting payments, preventing spam, and analysing form submissions become hassle-free with this integration.