How to Automate Field Sales Management and Track Real-Time Employee Activity Using Formester Web Forms?

May 24, 2023 |
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As the era of technology, AI and digitization advances to make powerful impacts in almost every field of the Business World;

Even the exceptionally people-oriented field of Sales and Marketing, fails to remain untouched.

From tailored messaging, driving A/B Testing at scale, and generating images for advertising, to even copywriting,

AI is capable of doing it!

Infographic Showing: Impact of AI on Marketing: 1. Chatbots Product Recommendations  2. Segmentation  3. Sentiment Analysis  4. Fraud detection 5. Process Automation

However, as Jeffrey Gitomer has said - 

Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.

And fortunately enough for sales professionals and marketers, the one thing that AI, or any other technology for that matter, can never replace, is the impact, value and importance offered by human connection and interactions.

Funny Tweet showing Why AI can't replace Marketers

Indeed, the very core requirements of the domain of sales and marketing will always remain exceptional presentation and delivery of the product, which demands the need for talented, confident and enthusiastic sales professionals and marketers, who are able to effectively communicate the ideology behind the product.

That said, it is safe to say that the age-old marketing strategies of door-to-door selling and closing sales in-person, are here to remain.

However, that doesn't have to necessarily mean that the sales and marketing industry has to remain alienated from such technological advancements;

In fact, digitization and AI, are the tools that are capable of taking any business to a whole new level, simply by introducing features like automation, tracking and monitoring, and virtualization to the various sets of business processes, thereby improving the overall efficiency and functioning of the business. 

That said, one might naturally wonder, if there is a way these technologies can help the area of Field Sales as well;

Which brings us to...

Field Sales Automation 

Field Sales Automation is the application of various software platforms and tools to streamline, automate and optimize monotonous tasks, activities and processes relating to marketing and sales, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the department to function more effectively.

According to Market Research Future - The global Field Force Automation Market is expected to reach a value of $3.5 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 15% from 2017 to 2023;

Owing to the increasing adoption of mobile devices, cloud-based solutions, and data analytics in the field sales monitoring process.

Infographic showing: Sub-Tasks Involved in Field Sales:- 1. Setting Goals and Targets 2. Cultivating New Leads  3. Actually visiting the Client's Location 4. Creating Reports 5. Closing the sale 6. Maintaining the Associated Records 7. Managing Multiple Clients 8. Research and Analyze Market Standing and Competitors

Field Sales is a dynamic and complex operation, involving various sub-tasks such as:

  • Setting Goals and Targets
  • Cultivating New Leads 
  • Actually visiting the Client's Location
  • Creating Reports
  • Closing the sale
  • Maintaining the Associated Records
  • Managing Multiple Clients
  • Research and Analyze Market Standing and Competitors

That said, automation in this field, can help in tracking and monitoring employee activities to ensure the above-mentioned tasks are actually being carried out with sincerity;

And no unfair means or shortcuts are being used to perform them.

Field Sales Automation Software

A Field Sales or Field Force Automation Software is designed to act as an integrated platform to record, track, monitor and update the various tasks associated with field sales, enabling the business to maintain an accurate, evidence-based and real-time report on the performance of each of the employees.

Features of a Field Sales Automation Software

Infographic showing: Basic Features of a Field Sales Automation Software:- 1. Assigning Goals and Targets 2. Manage Attendance 3. Location Tracking 4. Uploading Images 5. Track Performance

The fundamental features that any Field Sales Automation Software should offer, are discussed below:

1. Assigning Goals and Targets

Assign specific goals and targets such as customer visits, client site visits, new client generation, etc.

2. Manage Attendance

Record and track employee attendance virtually.

3. Location Tracking

Track the exact real-time location of employees.

4. Uploading Images

Employees can upload images from the actual client visit.

5. Track Performance

Record, update and maintain performance reports based on the data gathered from the above steps.

No doubt, field sales automation softwares are offering an efficient solution to the challenges experienced in the domain of field sales, and;

In 2023, it is easy to find several softwares that accomplish the automation of Field sales;

However, their prices don't always come without breaking the bank.

Having said this, what if we told you, there was a way to achieve all the formerly discussed objectives, by simply using an easy to make-and-fill, intuitive web-form?

At Formester, we have developed a unique, innovative and most-importantly, cost-effective web form to help our users accomplish a lot more, while paying a lot less!

It is not a hidden fact that online web forms are one of the most efficient means of data-collection and maintenance.

From gathering customer data, getting new users registered for a service and acquiring leads, to online quizzes and survey forms;

Web forms have multi-faceted applications in every industry.

Sounds interesting, right?

Read on to find out...

How to Automate Field Sales Management and Track Real-Time Employee Activity Using Formester Web Forms?

As surprising as it may sound, it is completely possible to achieve all the fundamental objectives accomplished by a field sales automation software;

Using simply a Web Form!

And that too, with compatible prices.

In fact, some of Formester's customers are already making use of such web forms to monitor, track and manage their field sales activities!

And that web form is...

Customer Visit Record Form

As the name itself suggests, Formester's Customer Visit Record Form, is specially designed to enable field sales professionals to submit the data regarding their customer visits.

On the other hand, it enables the Sales and Marketing Department Heads, and Business Owners, to track and document each of their employees' progress, accurately, and in real-time, and with evidence

Fields Included in the Customer Visit Record Form

Screen Capture showing Fields Included in the Customer Visit Record Form

1. Store Name

This field is used to record the Name of the client or store the field agent is visiting.

2. Phone

This field records the phone number of the field agent.

3. Locality

This field records the locality or the area the field agent is visiting;

In other words the store location.

4. Upload a File

This field allows the field agents to take a selfie in front of the store, or a picture of the store itself and upload it, to confirm the actual visit.

5. Location

This field lets the field agent's phone read their live location.

Problems Solved

Infographic showing: Problems Solved by using a Customer Visit Record Form:- 1. Easy and Efficient Process 2. Target Monitoring 3. Process Automation 4. Real-Time Tracking 5. Location Verification 6. Image-based Documentation 7. Centralized Storage and Management 8. Integration with Third-Party Platforms 9. Credible and Branded Forms

1. Easy and Efficient Process

The Customer Visit Record Form lets the field agent record and document each of his visits, by simply filling out a simple and compact web form.

2. Target Monitoring

Setting and Tracking client/site visit targets becomes possible as the field agent has to fill out an individual form for each of his client/site visits, with location and image proof.

3. Process Automation

The sales process of employee tracking and management becomes automated.

4. Real-Time Tracking

Tracking employee activity in real-time becomes possible. 

5. Location Verification

The location is verified when the locality entered by the field agent and that detected by the phone, is matched.

6. Image-based Documentation

The field agent can upload a relevant image to confirm his visit.

7. Centralized Storage and Management

All the form responses are sent and stored in the Department Head's/Business Owner's Formester Account Dashboard under the Submissions category.

8. Integration with Third-Party Platforms

For better data organization and management, this web form can be seamlessly integrated with several third-party platforms such as Google Sheets, Google Drive, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc. 

9. Credible and Branded Forms

Your web forms can be curated as per your brand's theme and messaging, and you also have the option to include your logo.

In other words, everything to make your web forms credible and personalized.

Benefits of Formester's Customer Visit Record Form

Infographics showing: Benefits of Formester's Customer Visit Record Form:- 1. Cost-Effective 2. Easy to Create 3. Easy to Fill 4. Setting Achievable and Realistic Targets 5. Real-Time Results 6. Improved Efficiency

1. Cost-Effective

Formester is free to begin with! Depending on the size of your business and the expected number of form responses, you can start with a paid plan of your choice.

2. Easy to Create

Formester offers a no-code, drag-and-drop, intuitive interface to enable users to create forms with ease! Besides the form fields discussed above, you may always freely explore and add or remove additional fields as per your requirements.

3. Easy to Fill

The web form once designed is pretty self-explanatory and anyone with a phone can easily fill it.

4. Setting Achievable and Realistic Targets

Once you are able to track the actual progress of your employees, you can start setting much more realistic and achievable targets for them.

5. Real-Time Results

It becomes possible to track progress in real-time and update schedules, etc., accordingly.

6. Improved Efficiency

The monotonous and time-consuming task of keeping track of employee activity and progress becomes automated, which naturally improves efficiency.

And that's how easy field sales automation can be!

At Formester, innovation leads to impactful forms!

Click here to check out our plans and select the one that best fits your requirements.


Field Sales is a dynamic and intricate operation. 

Keeping track of employees and their management thereof, becomes a complex process requiring immense effort and yet rendering inaccurate results.

The software industry has fortunately been able to offer a solution to this, in the guise of Field Sales Automation Softwares.

However, these forms don't come with prices that fit the average budget.

At Formester, you'll find a unique yet feasible approach to accomplish the same goals, as you would with a field sales automation software.

By simply deploying our Customer Visit Record Form, you can now easily and efficiently, track and manage your employees, with real-time and accurate results;

So that your business achieves optimum performance!

So start your journey to impactful forms now!

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