How to integrate SendGrid SMTP with Formester

December 19, 2022 |
3 min read

How to use SendGrid SMTP Server SendGrid is a great option for sending large volumes of emails. For instance, this service would work well if you have to email an entire mailing list manually. It can be time-consuming and difficult to send a lot of emails all at once

Step 1: Visit SendGrid and click on start for free button.

Go to SendGrid website and click start for free

Signup with Sendgrid by filling the correct details

Step 2:  Create an account and in next step fill the details asked

Some extra details is required to get started with sendgrid, fill in details and get started

Step 3: First of all verify your email and now create a single Sender

On sendGrid dashboard click on create a single sender

Step 4: Fill in the details and create a sender

Create a single sender to send a mail

Step 5: After creating a single sender, verify it by receiving an email in your provided email account.   Now go to the Integration guide option under Email API. And Select SMTP relay.

Go to integration under Email Api to select SMTP Relay for smtp

Step 6: Enter an API key name and click on Create Key to generate a password. And save your details somewhere. Click on Verify Integration button below to verify your integration details.

Enter an API key to generate a api with password

Verify your credentials by receiving a mail in Sendgrid email section

Step 7: Final step, check your integration credentials with Formester to verify if it’s working or not,

Login to your account -> select a form -> Click on SMTP Integration from the top -> Click on Add Account

Visit Formester and go to SMTP Integration to add your account and test it


* Name – Can be anything of your choice
* SMTP server -
* Port - 587  ( Some users may have different ports do checkout other ports as well 25/465/587/2525)
* Username - apikey
* Password - password created at the time of apikey generation
* From email – your SendGrid account id

Add your credentials and click on three dots at the end of the mail account and select the Test option. Wait for a few seconds for the result.

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