Slack Integration with Formester: Get Real-Time Form Submission Notifications

November 28, 2023 |
4 min read

Staying connected in real-time is an important attribute of digital communication and collaboration. We often find ourselves looking for efficient ways to streamline the workflow, in a pursuit of higher productivity.

One powerful combination that can significantly impact your workflow is the integration of Slack with Formester, providing you with real-time submission notifications that keep you in the loop without overwhelming your inbox.

Simplifying Integration with OAuth

Oauth home page, allow formester to send slack messages

One of the standout features of this integration is the utilisation of OAuth for secure and straightforward permission management. With just a single click, you can grant permission to enable the exchange of messages between Formester and Slack. This means no lengthy setup processes or complex configurations – just a simple integration that increases your team's efficiency.

Real-Time Submission Notifications

Imagine being instantly notified on Slack every time a submission is made on your form. This real-time update ensures that you are always aware of new entries, allowing for swift response times and improved collaboration. Whether you're managing a team, overseeing a project, or simply staying organised, staying informed in real-time can make all the difference.

Customisable Notification Settings

Enable/disable slack notification with single click

Acknowledging the importance of flexibility, the integration offers customisable notification settings. If, for any reason, you need to temporarily pause notifications or if you prefer a more selective approach to receiving messages, you have the power to tailor the integration to your specific needs. This ensures that you stay in control of your communication channels without feeling overwhelmed.

Improving Cooperation Among Teams

You're encouraging collaboration as well as process simplification when you integrate Slack with Formester. With real-time notifications, your team can collaborate more effectively, staying on the same page. This integration serves as a catalyst for better teamwork rather than just being a technological addition.

Steps to integrate slack

Step 1: Navigate to Formester Integrations

Select a desired form on which you want to integrate slack notification.

Click on the integration menu for a list of integrations tools.

Navigate to a form for which you want to turn on the slack notification. Inside form click on the integration section. Here, you will discover a range of integration options, select slack option by clicking on connect button.

Step 2: Authorize Formester on slack with Oauth

Slect slack from the list of integrations and click on connect button.

Click on the add to slack button to give formester permission.

Click on the connect button to open the slack integration page and then click on Add to Slack button to enable the OAuth connection between Formester and Slack. This step is crucial for allowing Formester to send messages to your designated Slack channels.

Step 3: Choose Slack Channel or Direct Message Recipients

Select you desired workspace or channel where you want to send slack integration.

Once the OAuth connection is established, you'll be prompted to choose the Slack channel or specific team members who will receive the submission notifications. This level of customisation ensures that notifications reach the right audience, enhancing targeted communication within your organisation.

Step 4: Done

Slack is integrated with you form, enable or disable notification from here.

Yes, you integrated Formester with slack. Wasn't it straightforward and easy to integrate in just a few steps? You will receive submission details on the channel you have chosen after the submission is made. The integration will increase your productivity by providing you with live notifications if any form submissions are made.

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