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Information Recall allows you to reference answers, variables, and more, making your forms feel more dynamic, conversational, compelling and smart. Supercharge your forms by creating engaging experiences with Formester's Information Recall feature.

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How does Information Recall help?

Previous answers from questions are referenced and utilized, enhancing the conversational experience. By mentioning a respondent's name a personalized interaction is created, making them feel engaged and valued.

Answer Recall: Bring Conversations to Life

Enhance the conversational experience of your web forms by referencing and recalling answers from previous questions. By mentioning a respondent's name or other relevant information, you can create a personalized interaction that makes them feel engaged and valued.

Variables are used to store and recall information throughout the form, allowing for dynamic display and manipulation of data based on previous answers. This enables a more tailored and customized experience for respondents.

Dynamic Variables: Tailor Your Web-forms in Real-Time

Take advantage of variables within your webforms to store and recall information throughout the form. Variables allow you to dynamically display or manipulate data based on previous answers, enabling a more tailored and customized experience for your respondents.

 Hidden Fields are utilized to capture additional information and customize the form based on respondent attributes. This allows for tracking respondent sources, audience segmentation, and the creation of personalized form interactions.

Hidden Field Capabilities: Capture Data and Personalize

Use Hidden Fields to gather additional information and customize your forms based on respondent attributes. Track respondent sources, segment your audience, and create personalized form interactions.

The no. of travellers and and cost per person is recalled and calculation is performed based on a formula

Score & Pricing Integrations: Enhanced Functionality

Recall and display quiz results using score information in Endings or email notifications. Calculate and showcase prices based on respondents' answers, enabling dynamic pricing strategies.

Benefits of Information Recall

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Time-Saving Efficiency

The Information Recall feature eliminates the need for repetitive data entry by automatically populating fields with previously collected information. This saves valuable time and reduces manual effort, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

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Enhanced Personalization

By recalling and referencing previous responses, the Information Recall feature enables a more personalized user experience. Users feel recognized and engaged as their individual information is seamlessly incorporated into subsequent questions or actions.

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Improved Data Accuracy

With Information Recall, the risk of errors in data entry is minimized. By pulling information from previous responses, the feature ensures data consistency and integrity, resulting in more accurate and reliable data collection.

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Streamlined Workflows

The ability to recall information and pre-fill form fields simplifies the form-filling process for users. It streamlines workflows, reduces friction, and enhances overall user satisfaction, leading to higher form completion rates and improved data quality.

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Formester is simple enough for non-developers and sophisticated enough for developers. I'd say being able to choose between simplicity and complexity is one of this product's strengths. In addition, the founder is available to answer questions and doubts, which does not happen every day.
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I was searching for a long time for a product I could use to send newsletters and surveys to my database. I tried so many different types of software and I found many of them difficult to use and slow to learn how to operate. But Formestar was super easy to set up, and the usability is seamless! I highly recommend!
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