Offline Forms for Uninterrupted Data Collection: Anytime, Anywhere

Stay connected to your forms and collect submissions even in no network zones with our offline forms

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No matter where you are, collect offline form submissions from any location without any Wifi, Internet or Mobile Data Connection.

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Collect form submissions by staying connected even when you are offline. The responses will sync up as soon as you are back online!

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Simplify data collection without any interruptions during fieldwork at isolated locations with limited connectivity.

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The forms can be installed on tablets, phones and laptops as apps which can then be accessed at any point of time without the internet.

Simple 3 step process: How offline forms work?

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Step 1

Sign In to your Formester account and create a form. You can also use any pre-designed template from our library.

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Step 2

Visit the 'Advanced' section in the form builder to activate the 'Allow Form to Work Offline' option, and then proceed to the survey page to install the form as an app.

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Step 3

Once your form is loaded properly, you can start collecting submissions, even if the internet is disabled (all submissions will sync when you get online).

Make the most of your Offline Forms

Conditional Logic

Create intelligent forms that adapt based on user responses, ensuring a dynamic experience whether online or offline.

Auto Responder

Set up automated responses to engage users even with offline submissions, providing instant confirmation messages upon reconnection.

Information Recall

Reference previous answers provided offline, allowing for a personalized user experience.

Form Analytics

Collect user engagement insights even when offline, and receive comprehensive analytics once the connection is restored.


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At Rumie we use Formester to get feedback from our educators and volunteers. It's intuitive, fast and easy to share.
Bogdan Arsenie CTO
Formester is simple enough for non-developers and sophisticated enough for developers. I'd say being able to choose between simplicity and complexity is one of this product's strengths. In addition, the founder is available to answer questions and doubts, which does not happen every day.
Costanza Casullo Volunteer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Offline forms allow you to collect data even when you're not connected to the internet. This means you can use them in remote locations, on-site visits, or during events with unreliable connectivity. Once you're back online, the data is securely synced to your device.

Offline forms offer several advantages, including:

  • Increased productivity: Eliminate delays caused by slow or unavailable internet connections.
  • Enhanced data security: Protect sensitive information by storing it locally until it's safely synced.
  • Improved accessibility: Reach users in areas with limited or no internet access.
  • Reduced costs: Eliminate data charges and dependency on internet providers.

Offline forms can be valuable for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Field service: Collect data during inspections, repairs, or installations.
  • Construction: Capture site information, progress reports, and safety checklists.
  • Healthcare: Conduct patient surveys, health assessments, or clinical research.
  • Events: Gather registrations, feedback, or surveys at conferences, trade shows, or festivals.
  • Retail: Enable offline transactions or customer surveys in stores.