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Good-looking forms don’t solve your problem. Dynamic, customizable and experience-driven ones do. With Formester, you can now make your forms ‘work’ for you. Our deep form features - analytics, productive integrations and HTML form backend helps you collect and analyze your audience’s data like never before.

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Formester vs. Typeform: Head To Head

Features Formester Typeform
Pricing Starts for free, $13/month for a Personal User with 1000 submissions Starts at $29/month for 100 submissions
Redirection on Submission Customization available even with the basic plan Not available
Website Embedment Web forms can be easily and quickly created Typeform forms can also be embedded into website
Best For All types of forms and applications including survey lead generation, feedback etc Suited for short forms like lead generation. Long/complex forms using Typeform might confuse the users
Mobile First UX Perfectly mobile-first Design-heavy forms are problematic while using on mobile
Storage Minimum Storage - 1GB: comes with Basic Plan - $13/month. Business plan - 5GB: $49/month Minimum Storage - 1GB: comes with Basic Plan - $25/month. Business Plan - 5GB: $83/month
Add Media to Forms Present Present
Conditional Logic Present Present
Spam Protection Present Present but difficult to execute
Automated Email Responses Present with custom integration Only in paid plans
HTML Form Backend Service Present Not available
Cloud Integrations with Zapier Present Present
Deep Performance Analytics Present Basic
White Labeled Surveys Creation Present Missing
Logo addition to form Available and can be used by free users too A $99 feature
End-to-End Design Customization Present Minimal customization

3 Reasons Why You Will Love Formester

Multi-Purpose Form Creation Made Easy

It takes minutes, not hours to create forms using Formester. You can customize them the way you want and use them as standalone or web-integrated forms. Just drag and drop to build a form as per your requirements or integrate an existing HTML form’s backend.

Responses on Auto-Pilot

Stop jumping from one platform to another for each of your form-related tasks. Send automated replies to your audience when they fill out your form, and never compromise on personalization. One of Formester’s unique propositions in the industry, Auto Responder allows you the convenience of two tools in one.

End-to-End Form Analytics

Just collecting data isn’t enough. Unless you extract meaningful insights from your form responses, your business isn’t going to benefit. Formester serves powerful analytics that are easier to comprehend and help you study engagement and conversions. Analyze your performance to act towards reducing your drop-offs.

Create Solutions with Formester, Not Mere Forms

Remarkable experience for your users and comprehensive solution for your data-collection needs, Formester enables you to go beyond building forms.

Spam Protection

You don’t want spammers to spill water in your data collection efforts. It just takes a click with Formester to safeguard your forms from them. Enable captcha and you’re good to go!

Cloud Integrations

Slack, Google Sheets, Salesforce and numerous other Zapier integrations make work easier for you. Don’t just create forms, but solve your problems – Formester lets you add any number of integrations seamlessly.

Many Forms, One Builder

Wish to choose from single-page or multi-page forms? Want to share standalone forms or integrate them into your website? We have good news, you don’t need multiple form builders, Formester does it all.

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Here’s what some of our happy customer have to say about us!

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I really enjoy Formester. It’s clean and straightforward and it does well what it is supposed to do.

Thibaud Martinez Organizer
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At Rumie we use Formester to get feedback from our educators and volunteers. It's intuitive, fast and easy to share.

Bogdan Arsenie Chief Technology Officer

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