The Best Survey Questions in 2024 (With Examples)

August 17, 2022 |
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If you want to accelerate your business, you must understand the nerves of your customers. The Survey plays a vital role here.

Surveys can be used to determine respondents' perspectives and experiences. With analytical data, an accurate survey can provide a blueprint for how to proceed to achieve the goal. This analytical data, which represents the behaviour and opinions of the surveyed census, aids in the development of important strategies.

![The best survey questions in 2023]( 'The best survey questions in 2022' "The best survey questions in 2023")

To ensure the effectiveness of the survey, it is important to determine the survey questions. The quality of the result highly depends upon the types of survey questions you choose.

This post has a list of the best survey questions to ask, along with some examples, to help you make your own survey.

Types of Survey Questions

1. Demographic Questions

Some of the most effective fundamental survey questions to ask individuals are demographic questions.

Because online surveys are not conducted in person, it is sometimes necessary to ask the user obvious questions about themselves for data collection. You can add

  • What is your age/date of birth?
  • What is your gender, ethnicity, or religion?
  • What is your educational qualification?
  • Tell us your current employment status and monthly income.
  • Where is your residence? (Street no., city, state, country)
  • Tell us your marital status.

But some of these questions can be hard to answer. Therefore, you should request to reply to these questions. Only ask for what you really need.

2. Likert Scale Questions

Likert scales are great for many online surveys. You've probably encountered "agree or disagree" questions. These questions are classified as matrix questions or Likert scale questions.

A balanced Likert scale includes a series of questions with 3–4 balanced responses from which users can choose. Some Likert scale questions are as follows:

This company makes an effort to provide superior customer service. Please rate our products' quality on a scale of 1-10.

You can choose multiple-choice questions. This simplifies answer choices as the answer options are pre-made. Completing the survey is easier.

Alternatively, you can use multiple choice images. These are multiple choice questions with graphic images. They are easy to create and attract users' engagement.

How to Write Good Survey Questions?

You can create an online survey to learn about your products and services. A survey template can help you if you are puzzled about how to make a survey sample. There are many online survey templates available.

Here are some tips for writing a good survey question:

  • Specify your questions: To get useful data from users, you should be as precise and specific as possible. This will help them to be honest and provide more information.
  • Clarify your motives: Be direct to keep visitors' attention.
  • Don't insist on users answering the questions: Choose your survey questions carefully to avoid losing users who don’t want to share their secrets.
  • Use closed-ended questions: On longer surveys, like multi-step ones, try to limit open-ended questions to 1–5.
  • Avoid duplicating questions: Ask a variety of questions to maximize the respondent's time.

Best Practices for Survey Form Design

Effective survey design requires a good understanding and using best practices. Here are some survey tips:

Be specific

Avoid industry jargon when writing survey questions. It will help people to understand and answer accordingly. Conversational, casual questions are key to getting data. Ask direct questions. Confusing questions can misguide users. If they don't understand the question, they may avoid your form or answer.

Try to keep your survey short

Your survey should be short and to the point. People get bored with surveys after 5 minutes or 15 questions.

Survey fatigue

If you want to improve contact form conversions, don't expect users to answer long surveys the same way they would a short one. Longer surveys lead to less time per question. If your survey has 5 questions, users will focus more on each than if it has 30. A limited number of questions is a good practice to maximize your survey’s results.

Be mindful of your audience

Survey fatigue occurs when survey participants become bored and answer carelessly.

Make it as simple as possible

If you're creating a patient satisfaction survey for a medical practice, start with booking appointments and work backwards. These principles help create an effective survey report.

Limit options

The best survey questions are closed-ended, and consist of pre-populated checkboxes, multiple-choice, and rating scales. This will improve the quality of your data and make it easier to read, and you'll get more survey completions. Adding a Likert scale question is also beneficial.

Randomize survey questions

According to experts, when given two choices, people tend to pick the first one, regardless of how they feel. Therefore, to avoid order bias, randomize multiple-choice survey questions.

If you add an open-ended question at the end of the survey so people can elaborate on their answers, this will lengthen the survey. Don’t forget this essential tip.

Ask personal questions later

Consider writing survey questions as a conversation. Ask personal and demographic questions last in your survey. Many researchers had success using conversational forms to get the necessary data.

Offer a bonus

Offer an incentive to get more users to take your survey. It can be a gift voucher, scratch card or even short-term access to an online tool.

If your survey form is long, try these tips:

Use a password to protect your form and make it available only to those who really want to take it. These forms are made to gather data from a small group, like employees or students, etc.

  • Be clear about the length and duration of your survey.
  • Keep matrix questions short so users don't repeat answers.
  • Conditional logic shows or hides questions based on user answers.
  • Properly outline your survey form

First, outline your survey. Survey Design Methodology advises creating a logical survey. Consider the overall structure, number of questions, order, and flow of topics. Stick with a survey design that flows well to avoid choppy questions.

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