How to Create a Lead Capture Form Effectively?

August 22, 2022 |
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There are just way too many ways through which you can get leads. But, it is important that you capture them as well through an effective lead capture form. Amidst high competition and greater customer awareness, businesses depend significantly on their lead generation strategy to turn leads into customers and eventually drive revenue for a business.

Create a Lead Capture Form Effectively

The lead acquisition can be time-consuming and expensive- there's no shortcut. Whether investing in affiliate partnerships or referral campaigns, the best lead capture form out there will help you drive the high-converting leads that your business needs.

Capture and convert leads- these are magic words that are a priority for every marketer. Increasing the traffic on your website is essential to drive more revenue for the business. But through a lead capture form, lead capturing becomes an integral part of your business when the visitor lands on your website. Thus, it's vital to focus on the form placement on the landing page to convert your website visitors into leads. Well, don't worry because we will be providing you insights on how to create an interactive lead capture form and get the best leads for your business growth.

Lead Generation Is an Integral Part of Marketing

If, as a marketer, you believe lead generation doesn't bear enough results- you're wrong. Approximately 85% of marketers today believe that lead generation is the most crucial aspect of content marketing.

Moreover, 74% of companies use online forms to generate leads. Of these, 49.7% of companies have agreed that these forms have played an important role in bringing the highest conversion for lead generation. So, if you think lead generation won't bring you results, you should change the marketing approach.

Many marketers especially the B2B ones depend highly on social media platforms like Twitter for generating leads. Your landing page must have a great design to get more leads. Thus, the lead gen form placement on the landing page can help you generate better results.

Tips for Creating a High-Converting Lead Generation Form

Every business is different. Therefore customizing the elements of the form as per your brand and your audience can help you come up with the best lead generation funnel. Let us guide you through a few steps to create the best lead generation form:

1. Have a Custom Lead Form for Every Campaign

Using the same landing page and lead form for every campaign can be the biggest mistake you can ever make. There's no denying that it will help you save time, but it will have a negative impact on the conversion rate.

When you're creating a lead generation form, it has to be relevant to the landing page. For example, it will be irrelevant when a user searches for a digital marketing company and clicks on an ad but finds that the company provides only content writing services. They will click away and never return because they didn't get what they were looking for.

It's crucial to focus all your lead-generating forms on the conversion funnel you are driving your audience down through relevant landing pages.

2. Refer to a Lead Capture Form Template

You can refer to a few pre-existing templates to create a lead capture form landing page. Well, it is advisable that you only refer to them and not copy them.

You can check out a few websites with relevant landing pages and lead generation forms.

3. Make Your Lead Capture Forms Interactive

Want to create lead capture forms that are more interactive and engaging for your audience? You must include content that needs your users to participate actively.

This way, your users will not only need to read blogs or white papers but also actively participate in surveys, playing, and voting. When creating a lead capture form, you should focus on including these small elements. It will allow the users to interact with brands which further helps to develop a relationship and high customer lifetime value.

You can invite your users to engage by creating games, questionnaires, polls, and surveys. You must gamify the ads so your audience can connect with the brands. Furthermore, questionnaires can help you collect more information about the customers.

When these lead capturing forms have interactive content, you will likely get more information about the visitors apart from contact details. Moreover, you will also be educating your customers a lot via the apps. As a result, these interactive forms help you 3x more leads than the static forms.

4. Use the Right CTAs

A call to action is an essential element of the lead capture forms. The submit button's colours and texts will significantly impact the conversion rate. While it may appear a little weird, many people will never sign up if the form button says "Submit."

Customizing the text of the submit button and the colour as per your brand and user intent will help you increase the appeal. You must track the button clicks to be familiar with the traffic your website is receiving.

5. Use A/B Testing Tools

A/B testing is an efficient way to optimize the lead generation forms. It will help you understand which form is working the best. Therefore, you can integrate it accordingly.

Various paid lead gen form platforms allow you to make multiple versions of the same landing page and then test them by getting feedback from different customers. You can then implement the proven and most effective design or marketing strategies for your landing pages, landing page elements, and lead generation form. You can use platforms such as Facebook lead ads and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to drive conversions and high-value customers.

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