How to integrate Google SMTP with Formester

December 19, 2022 |
2 min read

How to use Google SMTP Server

Step 1: Visit and login to your Google Account

Login to your google account

Step 2: Click on the security option and scroll down to open the App password

Click on the security option from the menu

Scroll down and click on App password

Step 3: Create an app for your SMTP by selecting Other from the dropdown options

Click on the dropdown menu and select other from the option

Step 4: Enter a name for your app and click on generate to generate a 16-digit app password

Enter an app name and click on generate button

Step 5: You will get a 16-digit auto-generated password, keep it safe as you won’t be able to see it again

Save your 16-digit app password

Step 6: Final step, check your integration credentials with Formester to verify if it’s working or not,

Login to your account -> select a form -> Click on SMTP Integration from the top -> Click on Add Account

Visit Formester's SMTP Integration section add a new account and test it

Fill in the required fiels as mentioned below:
* Name – Can be anything of your choice  
* SMTP server -
* Port - 587  ( Some users may have different ports do checkout other ports as well 25/465/587/2525)
* Username - Your Gmail Id
* Password - 16-digit app password
* From email – Your Gmail Id

Add your credentials and click on three dots at the end of the mail account and select the Test option. Wait for a few seconds for the result.

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