Top benefits of using online form builder

October 18, 2022 |
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As we grow our business, so do our clients or customers. Eventually it becomes hard to keep a track of them. Collecting and maintaining their details such as name, email addresses, phone numbers, project preferences, budget, and among other things helps us analyze our clientele over a period of time.

Having such information is crucial to keep a record of whom we work with and also what we can do to offer better services for long term business relationships.

To make our jobs easier, we use an online form builder that helps us create a simple data collection form such as surveys or registration documents.

Top benefits of using online form builder

Why should you use an online form builder

There are a number of benefits to using an online form builder. If you have ever been in charge of creating a form and collecting data from customers, then this will help you understand the importance of using an online form builder.

1. Make your life easy

Online form builders offer a variety of features that make the process of creating, updating and managing forms easy. You can use online form software as a tool for creating registration pages, surveys or surveys with questionnaires.

These kinds of applications are used by many companies because they help them save time and money.

Another benefit is the ability to build forms in any format – If you have ever tried using an old-fashioned word processor program like Microsoft Word on your computer then you know how difficult it can be if there is no template available for this particular type of file format (for example: PDF).

With an online form builder however there are no limits whatsoever; all types of input methods including tables and text boxes will work just fine!

2. A mobile friendly format

Creating mobile friendly online forms means that when someone visits your site on their smartphone or tablet device they'll see exactly what they expect — something readable without any unnecessary distractions detracting from its functionality.

Tools such as Formester make it super easy for you to build an online form that is not just compatible with desktop browsers but also for mobiles or tablets.

3. Responsive design

We have now reached a stage where there’s so many interesting online form builders in option. And nearly all of them offer a responsive design that’s intuitive and time saving.

Responsive design helps you worry less about how your online form appears as it adapts to both desktop or mobile versions and is also easy for your clients to use without any hindrance.

4. Online forms are simple to use

Online form builders are easy to use. There’s no need for you to code or hire a designer, so you can save time and money by working with some of the best online form builders on the market today. You can create forms in minutes and share them with your team by simply uploading it through an online interface.

Online form builders make it easy for businesses of all kinds to customize their own forms without having any technical knowledge or experience in design software like Photoshop or Illustrator.

5. Other benefits in a nutshell

  • You can share your forms on your website or social media and collect data in real time.

  • You can also share your forms with your clients, which is a great way to get feedback on how they are using your product or service.

  • You can collect data from multiple sources like email addresses and phone numbers, but it's important that you ensure that none of this personal information is shared publicly.

  • Online form builders can be used to collect important customer information such as the client’s needs, wants and preferences, among others.

How to choose an online form builder

By now, we all know that online form builders are great for creating forms without having to know any HTML. They're also useful if you want to create forms that look good on mobile devices. However, there are some things you need to consider before using one.

  • First, make sure you choose a form builder that offers features that fit your needs and requirements. Some form builders allow you to customize the appearance of your form, while others let you build forms in minutes.

  • Also, make sure you understand how the form builder works. Some require you to upload files, while others don't.

  • Finally, make sure you test your form thoroughly. It may seem obvious, but testing your form is important because it helps you identify problems before they become major issues.

In the Formester blog, we have already covered this topic - Best Online Form Builders 2022: How to Choose the Ideal One?. We have listed out the factors to consider before you choose which tool will be the right choice for you.

Why should you opt Formester

While there are plenty of options available for users to select any of the top listed online form builders, here are some key reasons you should consider using Formester to build your first ever form for your business.

A screenshot of the Formester landing page showing a drag-and-drop form builder

1. You get full control

Each online form builder that’s available has its own pros and cons. But one of the major benefits of using Formester is that it helps you have control of the form building interface with an extremely easy drag-and-drop option and is intuitive in nature.

2. Easy to build

The other major pluses of using Formester is its ease to build drag-and-drop features that require little to no instructions. The text-easy HTML form builder dashboard is designed in such a way that a user can explore the different tools that’s available without feeling overwhelmed.

3. Easy to embed

We all know that when it comes to embeds, we may assume it will be a complex process that involves coding or integrating other content management softwares with your business social media accounts. But with Formester, all of it happens with a simple click of a button.

4. Realtime notification

Creating an online form using an online tool is one aspect, while tracking, maintaining and analysing the form’s data is another vital step that helps you understand your clients or customers as they fill in.

With Formester, you get informed with real-time data that helps you focus on what’s important for your business. You can opt for such details and be notified on your email, slack or any other 100 apps.

5. Have control over your data

While collecting data using online forms can be good for your business, it is also vital that you make it clear to your clients or customers that you won’t be sharing any of their personal details to other third party players.

Formester helps you to easily import and export data. It is also easy to migrate from other tools which the team guides in a seamless process.

6. Protection from spams

While online forms can help you filter new clients or customers, it can also attract spam bots. Formester has considered this aspect as well as it offers users a simple one-click Recaptcha to curb spam and to keep your email list spam-free.

7. Strong analytics

Formester’s inbuilt analytic tools help you understand how users interact with your form. The detailed insights can help you improvise your engagement and conversion rates and identify trends.

8. Affordable pricing

The free Formester version helps you build unlimited forms. However, our users prefer our PRO version as it is cheap and budget-friendly. It also unlocks a lot of features. So say goodbye to messy inboxes and hello to organized forms. Sign up for free now!

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