Why Do You Need Online Quizzes for Your Website?

August 25, 2022 |
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Grabbing your customer's attention and holding on to their interest can be a bit hard today. Everyone is somehow a part of marketing 24*7, but the average attention span of customers has dropped to only eight seconds.

Why Do You Need Online Quizzes for Your Website?

If you're worried that you will lose customers, you need to stay one step ahead of them. Now, you may think, how do I do it? Well, there are various strategies that you can implement on your website to attract the attention of your customers. An online quiz is one of those.

Online quizzes bring business growth. It is high time we start accepting online quizzes as an efficient way to build a business, not just some unproductive effect.

Online Quiz- Key To Attract the Attention of Customers

Online quizzes can be pretty addictive. You will likely boost customer engagement if you use one on your website. Moreover, hosting regular online quizzes will help you stay relevant among the customers. The online quizzes have a high engagement rate, as most customers complete at least 81% of personalized quizzes. If they want to buy a product you provide, compared to your competitors, your consumers will go for you.

You should use an online quiz maker as it will help facilitate your business growth. Entrepreneurs can acquire new customers and retain the old ones with this help. Most marketers depend on online quizzes as a part of their social media marketing strategies. Moreover, they can use it as an efficient tool for onboarding and training new employees.

Benefits of Online Quiz for Your Business

Some of the common benefits of online quizzes for businesses include the following:

1. Audience Engagement

If you want to stay relevant among your audience, you must interact with them. Hosting online quizzes on your website can help to drive a huge audience engagement. You can post quizzes that provide some insights or information about your brand.

Online quizzes can be a great source to boost customer loyalty and retention by engaging. Bambu Earth is one of the major brands to have used this strategy to create quizzes related to lifestyle and health and capture customer email addresses. Eventually, the business's revenue shot up by 25x in a year.

2. Get Better Search Engine Rankings

Higher search engine rankings are important for all businesses. It makes your business more visible to the audience and enables you to promote the services and products. With the help of online quizzes, businesses can improve their SEO results.

When customers take online, they will spend a lot of time on the website, reducing the bounce rate. As a result, a lower bounce rate will indicate better search engine rankings.

3. Know Your Customers

Knowing your customers should be an essential part of your business. Before launching any product, you must understand if your customers will use it. Thus, online quizzes can be a savior in this. These platforms will help you know what your audience prefers and their choices.

Apart from revealing the psychographics of your customer, these quizzes can be a great way to understand customer behavior. Once you have the results, you can implement the changes (if required) and bring the best results for your business.

Approximately 70% of cosmetic retailers provide online quizzes to customers to help them find the product of their needs

4. Educate Customers

Quizzes focus on the "more than the fun" element. These are a great way to educate your customers on what your brand is about and what products you offer. With the help of educational-theme quizzes, you can drive customer engagement and also build their interests.

Education can be the key to converting leads for specific niche brands. NaturallyCurly is one such brand to have been using this concept for educating customers about the texture of care. The brand talks about how caring for wavy or curly hair can be overwhelming. With the help of online quizzes, they educate the masses about unique hair characteristics.

They create a form that contains detailed information to guide customers about their hair needs. Once the brand educates the customers, it makes them feel understood and empowered. When you help your customers, the customer loyalty for your brand eventually increases, just like NaturallyCurly.

5. Boost Brand Awareness

Not every online quiz should educate customers just about the products. Some brands use these online quizzes to increase their relevance and connect with the audience. INH Hair is one of the leading eCommerce brands doing so.

They used an online quiz maker to create engaging online quizzes to know about their customers' interests. Ultimately, the quiz will capture emails and offer coupons to the ones who took the quiz. They provide "Care Bear Style" tips as a token of appreciation. Not only does the brand make itself relevant to pop culture, but it also makes shopping a fun experience for customers.

5. Generate Leads

Online quizzes can be a great way to increase the email list and get leads. eCommerce beauty brands are likely to benefit the most from it. If they provide a one-on-one consultation with experts at the end of a brand like Soko Glam, the leads will increase.

Customers who want to book a consultation will provide an email to receive the invite. Therefore, you can use the email for lead-capturing purposes. When you help your potential customers, they will likely remain more loyal to your brand than your competitors.


Online quizzes carry immense potential that most businesses are missing out on. An online quiz maker can help businesses ace the game and get the most leads. As a result, it will help to increase the business. If you consider building online quizzes time-consuming, you must reconsider it. Why? Numerous tools can help you build the perfect quiz to capture your customer's attention. Formester is one of the leading platforms for creating interactive and informative quiz forms. We offer an easy to use and dynamic form building tool you can rely on. From web forms to online quizzes - Formester helps you create your forms, manage them and analyze user data seamlessly.

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