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Calculation Forms for your Business

Point values assigned to answer choices are automatically calculated, simplifying the scoring process for quizzes, assessments, and interactive forms.

Loan Calculators

Enable users to input loan amount, interest rate, and loan duration, and automatically calculate monthly payments. This is beneficial for financial institutions or lending platforms.

As respondents interact with the form, calculations are performed instantly, providing instant feedback and dynamic scoring based on their inputs.

Quiz Score Calculations

Design quizzes with assigned point values for each question. The form dynamically calculates the total score based on user responses, providing instant feedback. Useful for assessments like tests, surveys, and training modules.

Calculation Fields are utilized with powerful conditional logic to perform dynamic calculations based on specific conditions.

E-commerce Order Calculation

Improve the shopping experience on e-commerce websites by creating calculation forms for users to input quantities and prices of products, automatically calculating the total order cost.

Scores are automatically generated based on specific criteria, enabling assessment of performance, result evaluation, and personalized feedback.

BMI Calculators

Health and fitness businesses can design forms that allow users to input their height and weight, automatically calculating their Body Mass Index (BMI).

Prices and totals are seamlessly calculated, ensuring accurate pricing information. Costs are dynamically adjusted based on selected options, creating optimized shopping baskets or order forms for hassle-free transactions.

Survey Rating Averages

Implement forms for surveys where users provide ratings to different questions. Automatically calculate and display the average rating, providing valuable insights for businesses and researchers.

Benefits of Calculating Fields

Efficiency, precision, and enhanced productivity at your fingertips

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Automated Calculation

Automate complex calculations, eliminating the need for manual calculations. This saves time and ensures accuracy.

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Real-Time Results

Provide immediate feedback and enhance user experience by allowing respondents to instantly check the results of their inputs.

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Advanced Form Logic

Add advanced form logic, including conditional calculations and dynamic field interactions for creating personalized forms.

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Streamlined Pricing and Data

Calculation Fields simplify price calculations, generate totals, and automate data handling for efficient analysis and reporting.

How to add a calculating fields in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign up for a free account on formester to build an online form or quiz. You can also select any template from our pre-designed templates library.

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Step 2

Add the Calculation Field

In the form builder, drag and drop the calculation field into your form. Customize the calculations with chosen fields, math operations, and conditional logic for customized results.

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Step 3

Publish the form

Use the preview mode to ensure accurate calculations. Once done, deploy the form to deliver dynamic and personalized calculation forms to your respondents.

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