How Branded Surveys Can Help You Unlock Your Brand’s Potential

April 19, 2023 |
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Scott Cook has very rightly said - A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is—it is what consumers tell each other it is.

Designing an exceptional product or solution is indeed essential; however, 

how the product or solution is delivered, holds paramount importance in making or breaking, what we commonly know as a brand.

And in building this brand, lies the success of the product!

Sometimes, just adding a swoosh, can actually make your brand go swoosh!

And in this blog, we discuss…

How You can take your brand in the right direction?

Infographic listing questions you might be asking yourself about your company's brand power and image

If you ever catch yourself, asking the following questions:

  • What makes my customers choose me?
  • What is my reputation in my niche's market?
  • Is there something specific about my brand marketing that my users like?
  • How do my customers perceive my brand as compared to my competitors'?
  • Do my customers perceive my brand exactly as I project it?

Congratulations, you're on the right path! 

Now, all you have to do is put together those questions in the form of a survey and present it to your customers;

which brings us to,

Brand Surveys

A Brand Survey is a marketing tool encompassing questions about a brand's vision, mission, objectives and goals. Their primary focus is to obtain reliable data from customers on how far the brand actually matches the above. 

At the same time, brand surveys are capable of rendering valuable insights into customer metrics such as preferences, feedback, satisfaction and thereby also enable measurement of brand value and brand image.

What makes brand surveys sui generis, is the fact that,

  • They are designed to answer questions about your brand, 
  • Themed as per your brand, and 
  • Ultimately cater to your brand!

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Conduct Brand Surveys In 2023

Infographic showing the top 6 reasons why you should conduct brand surveys in 2023

1. Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

The fundamental foundation of a successful business, undoubtedly lies in building a solid customer network. 

Having your customers fill out your brand survey will help you in gaining deeper insights into their likes and dislikes, perceptions and ideas and the overall image they have as regards your brand. 

This can not only help you serve them better but also asses their loyalty towards you and the value they place in your brand.

2. Recognize Industry Standing 

Customer feedback and viewpoints help you judge your standing amongst your competitors and your industry as a whole. 

It is also a mark of your relevance in your field.

3. Developing Product & Marketing Strategies

Offering your clients an easy platform to voice their opinions and ideas about your brand can help you develop additional valuable features for your product/service. 

Knowing what attracts your current customers, will help you optimize your marketing strategy to promote your brand better.

4. Identify Brand USP

Asking your customers why they chose you over your competitors or what keeps them coming back, might as well help you identify your brand's unique selling property. 

You can expand and improve on your USP, and help your brand create a personal trend.

5. Brand Awareness

Circulating a survey may result in sparking an interest in its viewers about your brand. 

Hence, you have a greater chance of improved visibility, reach and engagement.

Surveys can help bring significant amounts of organic traffic

If done rightly, apart from the above results, your website will likely experience a significant rise in traffic and user-sessions.

6. Building Brand Value and Reliability

Gathering suggestions from your customers and working on them will help you demonstrate your reliability towards them. 

If your customers feel valued and considered, they are more likely to return the same!

Essential Elements of A Brand Survey

Although, creating a brand survey allows for as much creativity as any other art; there are a few critical elements without whom, any brand survey remains incomplete.

They are discussed as below:

1. Crafting a Brand Kit

A Brand Kit, aka Brand Identity Kit, is a company asset that consists of design themes, graphics, iconography, and other messaging keynotes pertaining to the company's branding ideology.

It is a representation of the company's ideology and essence. It comprises of the following:

Infographic representing the major elements of a brand kit

a) Company's Logo: Strategic logo design and placement over all products, services, content, and contributions.

b) Design Theme: Colour scheme, palette, typeface and theme for websites, products, apps and more.

c) Messaging and Expression: Usage of consistent messaging theme, following associated terminology and maintaining brand expression.

d) Identity Representatives: Genuine URL with the correct domain and authentic contact mediums, such as email addresses, forms, phone numbers, etc.

Once you have a brand kit ready, you should consider developing all other entities, including your survey form, according to it.

2. Asking the Right and Relevant Questions

Choosing to ask the right questions can make or break your survey results.

Consider adhering strictly to questions about your brand, both as an individual entity and in comparison to your competitors.

It's also good to ask questions that give you a hint about your industry standards and how far you match them. 

However, the most crucial set of questions that you should take advantage of, are those that help you judge your appeal amongst your customers, their perceptions and ideas of your brand, and their likes and dislikes about the same.

To increase your affability, be sure you give thanks to your survey responders!

Set-up an Auto-Responder, to send out a quick thanks for taking their valuable time to fill up your survey. 

3. Providing a safe, smooth and effortless platform

Ensure your survey is published on transparent platforms whilst maintaining the safety and security standards for your users.

Don't have them go through complex, frustrating and time-consuming spam-protection tests;

To get the most out of your submissions, provide them with a smooth, intuitive, and spam-proof interface.

Ultimately, a survey is also a representation of your brand!

4. Analytics System

A survey becomes ineffectual if you simply use it to collect submissions.

It is essential to be able to consolidate your submissions into data and eventually analyze that data to gather valuable insights into your key metrics and performance indicators.

The insights obtained should be powerful enough to guide you toward making calculated, critical and informed decisions about your products, services and marketing strategies.

Having a dynamic form builder that allows you to both devise an effective survey and analyze its submissions is, therefore, crucial.

Bonus Tip: As a gesture of appreciation, you may include rewards for your survey fillers.

It doesn't have to be something grandiose, things like discount coupons, reward points for future purchases, event invites, etc., suffice the intent.

5. Taking the Leap

Once you have gained insights into customer mindsets, behaviors and perceptions as regards your brand;

Be bold and make changes according to those insights. 

Ofcourse, take calculated risks.

But take actions to tweak your product and marketing strategies, accordingly.

Strike a balance between your ideas and your customers' ideas;

for at the end of the day, speaking very candidly, the power of brand building, lies very much in the hands of the customers.

How Formester Can Help You Create The Perfect Brand Survey

As discussed above, there is quite a lot that goes into crafting a purposeful brand survey.

At Formester, we have the perfect 3 step strategy, to get you going, right away!

  1. Create an account on Formester and upload your Brand Kit.

P.S., We also ensure you experience a seamless integration of your survey form into your website.

  1. Avoid the brainstorming and hassle of going through numerous articles and blogs to select the right question.

Instead, choose from a variety of pre-designed and carefully developed Survey Templates and customize them as per your choice, requirements and brand kit.

Make use of key features, such as conditional logic, to ask only what is required and save both your and your users' time!

Bonus Tip: Here's a guide to 60+ questions you may choose from, to create the perfect survey!

  1. Once you've gathered submissions on your surveys, use our powerful analytics system to track your metrics, gain critical insights and ofcourse, know your customers!

And just like that, you're all set to conduct a brand survey!


Brand Surveys are a persuasive means of having your users provide you with valuable insights about your brand, its image and value.

If done right, they unlock doors to crucial findings that will help you both judge and improve, your customers' satisfaction, ideas and perceptions about your brand.

A good customer experience, will sooner or later bring about higher customer loyalty and improved brand value.

The fruitfulness of your survey depends upon several factors, such as the number of submissions you receive, the survey UX, survey analytics and most importantly, decision-making.

Whilst the process begins with your ideas about your brand, it can only end well, depending upon your customers' ideas of your brand!

Now take the first step, to confidently unlock your brand's potential, with easy, fun and dynamic surveys at Formester.

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