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March 30, 2023 |
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Imagine, a company Acme Inc, is ready to launch their new product. Their team has worked very hard, starting from product design to advertising and marketing. 

Now, all that was left was to build an emailing list as part of their promotional strategy. They were going to use this emailing list, not only to drive traffic to their website, but also for converting their potential leads into customers.

To accomplish this, they decided to create a lead generation web form.

They were happy to see the no. of impressions they were getting from the various traffic sources to their landing page.

But after 2 days, they realized very few of these visitors were actually filling out the form. Let alone that, they were also able to track down that most of the potential leads had abandoned the form midway through.

After doing some research and digging through their data, they found out that the reason behind this failure was that their web forms were:

  1. not easy enough, 
  2. had a bad mobile interface and
  3. had too many optional fields making it lengthy and time-consuming to fill out.

Imagine losing out on potential customers just because your web form isn’t easy for customers to fill!

Imagine that Acme Inc is you & your business! Could you really afford to lose all of that?

Intense panic induced at the thought of losing out on potential leads

Thought as much. Since you’re done having the reaction above,

Let’s move on to some straight-up facts!

According to MindK - it will surprise you to learn that around 86% of people fill out at least one web form a week. 

However, it is also observed that not all users actually complete these forms and one of the reasons for this, is usually the poor design of these web forms. 

This results in a lot of missed opportunities for companies, with the most crucial being lost revenue and a consistently deteriorating relationship with their clients.

Besides poor designs, many a time, forms aren’t device-optimized and have too many fields which the users may find irrelevant. These are a few common problems encountered when trying to generate leads using web forms.

No wonder, companies are hiring web-form experts these days!

Nevertheless, if you use Formester, we’ll save you a buck! (You won’t have to invest in a web-form expert at all). Read on and find out how we help you solve these problems you may have with leads on your forms.

8 Ways To Create Lead-Generating Web Forms Using Formester!

(and get them to fill out your forms happily!)

1. Easy Interface

At Formester, we have developed a no-code, drag-and-drop form builder with an intuitive interface.

If you want to develop a form as a business for your customers, you don’t have to worry about having a web developer with a lot of HTML experience. 

Don’t worry about putting out that form for your clients, either. Forms created with Formester are easy to use, both on the creator/business and client sides.

Rest assured; your clients will have as much of a good time filling your form, as much as you had creating it!

Tip & Trick: Keep your queries simple, short and easy to understand! Also, ensure that your forms, their formats and font sizes are optimized for all kinds of devices.

2. Templates 

Whether you have some experience with creating forms or even if you’re a newbie, don’t waste your time wondering,

  • which kind of form does my business need?
  • which form will help me acquire leads?
  • what fields should my form contain, and so on. 

Hop right on to Formester’s Templates section and choose from a variety of pre-developed templates, with a wide scope of customization. 

Instead of creating from scratch, you’ll simply be doing minor edits to get your form out!

Also, while you’re at it, you can reach out to our customer support team through the chat at the lower right corner, who are more than happy to guide you through any impediment you may have.

Tip & Trick: For optimal use of Formester templates, make sure the field titles are easily comprehensible and the overall look and feel of the form is maintained as regards the spacing and alignment of the fields.

3. Superior Customization Options

As a brand ourselves, we understand the impact, that having details like consistent brand themes, brand messaging, brand positioning & brand logo at important places across your forms, has on the customer’s trust and brand authenticity. 

So, no matter how peculiar your brand theme is, at Formester, you’ll have the option to tailor all your web forms as per the theme of your own brand, with various color schemes and font options.

Plus, you also get to add your custom images and videos. Not to mention, you get to add your brand logo as well!

Tip & Trick: Maintain the theme and messaging of your brand and don’t forget to add your logo to showcase brand authenticity.

4. Cloud Integrations

We understand that businesses use various tools, apps and services for a variety of reasons.

Integrating them, however, poses a problem sometimes. But by using Zapier integration technology we ensure a smooth, efficient and easy integration of your Formester web forms with popular technologies like Slack, Google Sheets, Salesforce or anything else. 

Our webhooks can be used to notify any other app when a submission arrives. As you will see, we have no problem working with others!

Tip & Trick: Make sure your web forms are integrated and work well with all your other systems.

5. Security

The importance of having a captcha in web forms is analogous to having the ‘s’ in ‘https’. 

If you are worried about random robots contaminating your list, we’re here to save you. 

To exercise greater control, we also give you the option to configure your own Google Re-Captcha. Not only is this inextricable for security, but also a prime indicator for your customers to identify your credibility and mark your attention to security as well.

Tip & Trick: For developing trust and credibility and preventing spam, conform to security measures like usage of captcha and re-captcha in your web forms.

6. Personalized Email Responder

If you’re big on customer service, then you definitely don’t want to keep your customer waiting after they’ve granted you a submission.

And no, you don’t have to be on your device 24/7 either. We facilitate the creation of personalized emails with our intuitive email builder and automate the response process for you!

According to HubSpot - Almost 67%  of buyers expect a response within 10 minutes to any marketing, sales, or customer service inquiry.

Also, about 70% of buyers engage in business with a brand that responds within 5 minutes.

Seems like a lot of work? Well, not to us!

Don’t forget to set up your email autoresponder once you’re done creating your forms with Formester.

Tip & Trick: Be sure to have acknowledgement email systems in place after you receive any response to your web forms. Nobody likes to wait!

7. Gather more than Accurate Data

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought - If only I knew, how they would respond to this, I could ask them that!

  • Would they get bored?
  • Will they complete the form?
  • Is it getting boring?
  • Would they even answer this question?;

These are a few examples of the various apprehensions business owners have about the fields they put in their web forms. 

And guess what?  These apprehensions are more than valid!

You don’t want to bore your clients by asking too many questions, take up a lot of their time and eventually leave them disinterested in your services. 

But you also need accurate information, so as to serve them better and of course, build your business. 

So, how do we do that? Well, we use conditional logic for that!

In layman’s terms, conditional logic allows for dynamism in your web form, as in, a way to create forms that change based on input.

While this feature leads to a more personalized experience on the user side, the business side gains more accurate and insightful data for analysis.

Tip & Trick: Keep your forms on Formester dynamic and minimal. Nobody wants to waste their time filling out information that won’t help them, or they don’t consider valid to your relationship.

8. Actionable Insights with Analytics

No data is useful unless it is converted into information.

Information that can be analyzed for gaining insights into customer mindsets, demographics, trend-detection, purchase behavior, brand insights, etc. 

These insights pave the way for making well-informed business decisions, determining risks while taking critical decisions and improving branding strategies.

With our free plan on Formester, you get access to the basic set of analytics to determine how your web forms are working.

Tip & Trick: Analyze the performance of your web forms. Try and test with other formats. Compare your results and make use of those insights. They aren’t just eye candy, after all!

Now that you know how Formester will help you with your web forms, here is a 

Checklist To Increase The Conversion Of Your Web Forms

1. Market Research

It's a good practice to do some market research before you create and offer any web form to your users. 

Market research blends consumer behavior and trends in the economy to confirm and improve your business idea, and knowing the current trend can help you surprise your customers with the latest tools & best of service!

2. Survey Forms

Survey forms are highly popularized these days and prove to be effective sources of data for gathering customer and brand insights and trends. 

Make sure you run a survey to know what your customers want, that they don’t yet know!

What other way can you use web forms to get into the mind of your customers?

Formester has created a few drag & drop templates for you that you can use for both Market Research & Surveys.

3. Customer Feedback

Feedbacks are everything!

Customer feedback is the information your customers provide, about their experience with your product or service.

The purpose of customer feedback is to reveal the customer’s level of satisfaction with your product and help the marketing team understand where there is room for improvement. 

Getting customer feedbacks at specific points of the way and not just at the end of each sale, can help you give your customers & audience a superb service!

Also, getting feedback from your customers helps you know what they would have improved regarding your business or services. 

To get started, You can begin editing this template by Formester


Web forms are an effective way to get into the minds of your customers. But not everyone is familiar with the know-hows of the same! 

At Formester, we have kept in mind all these know-hows, so your form-creation journey becomes easy, enjoyable and most importantly, effortless. 

If you’re already using Formester, make sure you’re following all these tricks and getting the most out of your leads; and if not, let us change your mind!

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