Top 5 Web Forms with Conditional Logic to Integrate with your Website in 2024

April 29, 2023 |
7 min read

Innovative businesses require intelligent web forms!

When you think of having to fill out a web form,

How would you want it to be?

  • Easy Interface
  • Simple Questions
  • Easily Understandable and Answerable
  • To-the-point
  • Not too demanding, and most importantly,
  • Short

Well, aren't all these a few qualities that would encourage you to fill out a web form?

As it is filling out a web form is a boring job;

Funny meme showing how uninterested people are to fill out web forms

And if your business wants to get this boring job done,

Then it would be best if you imbibed these qualities to put out an intelligent web form;

That infact, is capable of gathering responses!

Today's blog discusses one such advanced web form feature, that inculcates all the aforementioned qualities, to bring forth an intelligent and response-oriented web form;

And that feature is...

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic, as the name itself suggests, operates on a given, if-then condition or statement.

In other words, it allows for dynamism, by executing a certain process or activity, only if a given prior established and defined, condition, rule or set of rules, is fulfilled first.

For example, Consider the following two statements:

  1. It might rain today.
  2. We won't go out.

Conditional Statement: If it rains today, then we won't go out.

Infographic showing Conditional Logic Example: Consider the following two statements:  1. It might rain today; 2. We won't go out; Conditional Statement: If it rains today, then we won't go out.

It is clear that for the condition of not going out, to be met, the precondition of rain occurring, must first be met.

Now, let's understand...

Conditional Logic In Web Forms

Conditional logic in web forms allows for dynamism by allowing to show specific fields, based on the input received. 

It will enable you to present short, to-the-point and, most importantly, relevant form fields.

This in-turn, leads to not only a higher response rate, but also gathering more accurate and reliable data.

It also provides a more personalized user-experience;

Afterall, no one wants to waste their time filling out information that won’t help them, or that they don’t consider relevant to your relationship.

A Few Use-Cases of Conditional Logic:

Infographic showing a few use-cases of conditional logic: 1. Showing or hiding secondary questions depending on the users' input, 2. Allowing users to skip irrelevant pages in your survey, 3. Skip follow-up questions, 4. Curate personalized gratitude messages depending on survey results, 5. Making the Submit button appear only after all relevant and required fields have been filled

  1. Showing or hiding secondary questions depending on the users' input
  2. Allowing users to skip irrelevant pages in your survey
  3. Skip follow-up questions
  4. Curate personalized gratitude messages depending on survey results
  5. Making the Submit button appear only after all relevant and required fields have been filled

These are just a few generic applications of conditional logic in web forms;

And there's a lot more you can do and get done for your business, using this feature.

That said, you might be interested in knowing, which softwares offer this feature;

And even more importantly, who does so best!

So we decided to do the tedious trial and research part for you;

and have come up with a list of...

The Top 5 Web Forms with Conditional Logic To Boost Your Business in 2023

It's not a hidden fact that several competitors exist for any given product. 

However, what makes them unique, is the kind of service they provide.

Some platforms offer worthwhile service, but are positioned too high on the price curve;

And some are cheap but evidently, compromise on the service.

And this puts users like you in a fix.

Well, time to get out and get going, because this list mentions the top 5 web form builders that offer quality service and advanced features at reasonable prices. 

Ready for the tour?

Quick Comparison Chart for the Top 5 Web Forms with Conditional Logic in 2023: 1. Formester, 2. Jotform, 3. Formstack, 4. Pabbly Forms, 5. Ninja Forms

Let’s take a detailed view at each of them…

1. Formester

Infographic showing Formester's web page

Formester believes in making your forms fun and easy.

We accomplish this by providing you with a no-code, drag-and-drop, and intuitive interface

Conditional Logic Functionalities:

Infographic showing Formester's Conditional Logic feature page

  • Skip to other pages
  • Skip to follow up questions
  • Skip Logic

Click here for more details.

Other Features with the Basic Plan:

  • HTML Form Backend
  • Auto Responder
  • Spam Protection
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Online Payment
  • Digital Signature

Formester also offers customizable, pre-designed and free Templates.

Infographic showing Formester's Template page


The Basic plan is free for upto 10 forms and 100 submissions, giving you the scope to explore and make the right decision.

2. Jotform

Infographic showing Jotform's web page

Jotform is one of the big players in the form builder software industry.

That said, there are plenty of advanced features to use, alongwith thorough user guides and a range of helpful blogs on diverse topics.

Conditional Logic Functionalities:

  • Show/Hide Field
  • Update/Calculate Field
  • Enable/Require Field
  • Change “Thank You” Page
  • Change E-mail Recipient

Other features with the Basic Plan:

  • Customize using CSS codes
  • Update Entries
  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Webhooks


The Starter plan is free and includes 5 forms with upto 100 submissions.

 3. Formstack

Infographic showing Formstack's web page

Formstack focuses on offering a form-builder that simplifies the process of data collection and automating processes.

Formstack's conditional logic feature enables you to create versatile forms with ease and grants them a look of brevity.

Other features with the Basic Plan:

  • Data Encryption
  • Save and Resume
  • File and Image Uploads
  • Drag and Drop


The basic plan, named the 'Forms Starter' plan, starts at $50/month, with 20 forms and upto 1000 submissions.

4. Pabbly Forms

Infographic showing Pabbly Forms' web page

Pabbly Forms is a form-building software with several features.

It helps you apply conditional logic to various types of forms, such as contact forms, registration forms, lead generation forms, etc.

The conditional logic feature is pretty simple and provides the basic functionality of showing/hiding additional fields based on user input.

Other Features with the Basic Plan:

  • Form Themes and Customization
  • Analytics
  • File Uploads
  • Form scheduling


The standard plan for $10/month offers 1 form with unlimited submissions and access to all features.

5. Ninja Forms

Infographic showing Ninja Forms' web page

Ninja Forms lets you build user-friendly forms while providing easy integration with WordPress.

Their web forms help you give a professional look to your web forms, so much so, that you won't need a developer.

The conditional logic feature offers the simple functionality of showing/hiding fields based on user-input.

Other Features with the Basic Plan:

  • File Uploads
  • Layout & Styles
  • Multi-Step Forms


The basic plan starts at $99/year for 1 website.


There are plenty of web form builders available in the form-building software industry. 

However, each of them is different as regards their service.

Some are cheaper than others, but don’t offer the required suite of features;

And some offer advanced features but don’t fit the average budget.

Under such circumstances, it is difficult to decide which one’s right for you;

And we are here to make that decision easy for you.

This blog details a comprehensive list of the top 5 online form building softwares you can use in 2023 to integrate with your website and boost your business.

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