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Why do you need an Online Quiz?

Educational Institutions

Craft engaging assessments, grade with ease, and gain insightful learning analytics. Build online quizzes and exams in minutes, with diverse question types and instant feedback. Track individual and class progress, identify knowledge gaps, and personalize learning strategies.


Corporate Training

Optimize employee development with interactive training modules. Design impactful compliance quizzes, monitor knowledge retention, and ensure adherence to regulations. Gamified quizzes spark engagement, while detailed reports empower data-driven learning decisions.


Certification Courses and E-learning Platforms

Provide the learners with self-assessment tools and track progress towards mastery of a topic. Generate personalized quizzes that adapt to individual strengths and weaknesses. Measure learning outcomes, incentivize knowledge acquisition, and deliver a superior e-learning experience.


Healthcare Training

Facilitate high-quality medical education and ensure continual skill development. Create scenario-based quizzes to test clinical decision-making and knowledge application. Track learning paths and maintain professional competency with ease.



Eliminate guesswork with objective pre-employment tests. Design skill-specific quizzes to assess potential, test knowledge and identify ideal candidates. Streamline the hiring process, save time, and make data-driven recruitment decisions with confidence.


Make the most of Online Quizzes

Gamify with Leaderboard

Gamify your quizzes with live leaderboards and increase engagement

Generate Leads for Business

Generate qualified leads for your business by creating interesting quizzes

Promote your Brand

Promote your brand by creating quizzes that go viral

Secure with AI Spam Protection

Secure submissions and comments with AI powered Spam Protection

Customized Experience

Customize all elements of the Quiz from questions to images and themes

Auto Graded Quizzes

Create auto graded quizzes that provide a score after submission in real time

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Frequently Asked Questions

No coding required! Our drag-and-drop interface lets you build beautiful quizzes in minutes, even if you're a tech newbie. Choose from various question types, customize designs, and personalize settings without breaking a sweat.

Absolutely! Add images, videos, GIFs, and branching logic to create interactive quizzes that capture attention and keep users hooked. Surprise them with personalized feedback and stunning results pages they'll love to share.

The possibilities are endless! From personality tests and trivia games to lead generation surveys and educational assessments, Formester empowers you to build quizzes for any purpose and audience.

Share your creations via social media, embed them on your website, or send custom email invitations. Track responses in real-time, analyze data, and export results for further analysis – all within Formester's intuitive platform.

We offer flexible plans for individuals and businesses, starting with a free trial to explore our features. Choose the one that best fits your needs and enjoy seamless quiz creation without breaking the bank.